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Do you want to get more work and jobs than your competitors? how do you do that? Google ads. The Google ads are literally right at the top of all search results, if you’re there, you’ll get work!  Its no surprise that SEO just doesn’t have the effect it used to, even if you’re number #1 in the organic searches, you’re still under 3 ads and 3 Google maps, so really you would be position #7.

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digital marketing & SEO Adelaide
search engine optimization and digital marketing Adelaide
Digital advertising and SEO agency Adelaide
Adelaide digital advertising and SEO agency


You know, I could sit here like every other agency and go on and on about CTR, CRO, B2C, Click Funnels, and a whole heap of other marketing terms that experts use to make themselves seem awesome, or I can not bore you and just show and tell you how we can double, triple the amount of calls you can get, which in tern makes you a ton of money, using our custom made Google Ads setup.

Jay from The Demolition Blokes. when he signed up with us, we got to work building a high converting landing page and working our butts off on a custom Ads & Maps campaign, now we are generating him an additional $30,000+ a month in work, and he also landed a Telstra contact to clear out Telstra phone pits for the NBN upgrade, which was worth $1.3 million dollars. Simple.

Will from Wills Polished Concrete Flooring. When Will came to us, he was getting around 4 jobs a month, and he wanted another 4. The average job can be worth 10-20k. We are currently getting him around 60-70 calls a month and have quadrupled his revenue in a short time. Hes now had to put on more staff, he got to raise his prices and hes taking on massive commercial work. Simple.

David Gunn Laser Eye Surgeon. David Gunn is an experienced laser eye surgeon that wanted more calls and leads.We got them for him, We have a highly targeted form on his landing page that qualifies clients. With our help hes is now getting 5-6 written and phone leads a day, and at an average $6,000 a patient, you can see that adds up to a lot!. Simple.


Which will make you more money

We have tested our own Google Ads methods, and use the ones that work. Every client we have is #1 on The Google Ads, has a high converting landing page, and they get a ton of calls and emails.

At Home Giraffe, we work with you, to get you more calls and emails so you can make more money. We do this with Google Ads, Maps and even some Facebook Marketing if need be. Essentially we just do what works and what will get you the most calls so your business can thrive.


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Our agency offers a complete Google adwords (SEM) and pay per click (PPC) setup and management service for website and business owners in Adelaide and around Australia. We provide a bespoke service customised to your business to maximise ROI and minimising wasted spend. Ensuring your campaign is running smoothly and effectively for your business. We have some of the best AdWords specialists in Adelaide and will ensure they run your campaign to the best of its ability and you get the best return for your spend.

The process of acquiring leads for you business, while a simple concept, is not always and easy thing to do. In the past, advertising in print such as newspapers, yellow pages and flyers worked well. While this is something that you still should engage in as a diverse strategy, generating leads via your digital assets generally provide a far greater ROI. Simply put, digital lead generation is the process of attracting targeted lead to your web assets, and converting those leads into customers.

Each campaign is unique, and we ensure that we customise and create a bespoke setup for your business. For example, if you are a tradesman and really only want phone calls, we will set up a call only adwords campaign. A surgery may rather booking via an online form. This means we construct the campaign appropriate for your business. Once the research is completed we set up the campaign and test.

Once you engage with us, the initial setup process and consultation can take anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks. This obviously depends on the size of the campaign. Smaller campaigns can be up and running within a few days in many cases. The PPC campaign success will depend on the quality of the information provided you, and the particular market. However we do adjust, and tweak as needed to ensure we squeeze the most out of any campaign.

We have been servicing clients in Adelaide and around Australia in the digital marketing space for over 5 years. In digital marketing, that is a long time. We offer a complete range of services including SEO, SEM, Adwords, PPC, and social media marketing. We have experts dedicated to each skill set, and this is all they do. It’s why they are experts. From continued success in the space, we can also provide case studies of successful campaigns in all aspects of digital marketing. We know our stuff, and can provide the ROI for your business that you desire.

Digital media and SEO agency Adelaide

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