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We help Australian businesses explode their traffic, customers and leads with proven, results driven strategies. We help Google find you, and drive potential customers to your website on a daily basis via sustainable SEO strategies.. Our search engine marketing strategies are market leading and they get results. Our SEO Adelaide strategies and techniques have proven to be highly effective.  

“Improving Website Rankings & Traffic”

Search Engine Rankings

The process of having your website or other web properties such as Facebook, Twitter,or Youtube, involves strategies that require fluidity and flexibility. Google is constantly changing the way it views the world and your business. We ensure your website is up to date with constant changes, and ensure the rest of the internet understands your brand and business. Broadly speaking, this involves optimising content, site structure, inbound content, social media signals, and traffic generation.

The Process

Initially we will schedule a strategy session to learn about you, and your business. What are your aspirations, goals and ambitions, and track the current performance of your website(s). We will provide recommendations to improve your overall performance, which also may include other marketing strategies for your particular market segment. Once we have agreed on a strategy we go away and create a pathway to results.

Time Frame

The process of SEO Adelaide is contantly changing. Every engagement requires a degree of bespoke integration dependent on the market you are in and the competition of that market. Highly competitive established markets require greater time and effort, and improvements also take longer than less competitive markets. As a general rule of thumb, we normally recommend a period of 6 months or more before your will see consistent results, and improved Google rankings.

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Why You Need A Google Ranking Marketing Agency

You may have completed a bit of research yourself and may have decided you don’t need to worry about Adelaide SEO to succeed. Well, the data doesn’t lie, and instead of just telling you why you need it, below is data provided directly from Google on the increase on business search terms over the last few years such as plumbers, electricians and bottle shops.If there are any strategies you might all ready have, or information you want to know about web-page search, then we are the team for you.

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We know that time is money, and you want to be able to spend the time in your business on the tasks that you’re an expert in. As an SEO in Adelaide, we can take care of the nitty gritty of digital marketing and organic search engine rankings. We will provide a complete analysis and audit of your website or web asssets before we get started. This analysis will ensure we have the details of your current SEO and digital marketing setup, or the absense of one. We can then go away and devleop a bespoke campaign unique to your business, that will give you the best possible chance to gain the page 1 rankings for your target keywords and customers. We worked with some Adelaide’s and Australia’s market leaders in their sectors, and we can provide the same results for you!

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Why Choose Our Advertising Agency?

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Our dedicated team have skills in all aspects of the digital landscape, including marketing, web design, development, paid advertising, and lead generation. We have proven results and satisfied clients with a sustainable advantage. We work closely with our SEO agency clients and provide bespoke strategies on all aspects of the digital marketing concept. There is “no one glove fits all” strategy when implementing search engine marketing tactics. We are available via email, phone or skype all hours of the day, and also like to meet face to face regularly to discuss and review the campaign. We provide monthly reports on which can include, but not limited to a pdf document outlining past and current rankings, traffic, leads, and work completed. We are flexible, so if you prefer a face to face consultation, or link up via Skype, we can also accommodate these types of reviews for your internet marketing campaign.

Clients We Work With As A Marketing Consultant

We work with a large range of clients in many different markets for both national and local businesses. We work with one man operations, all the way up to corporate enterprises. Sectors include the trades, retail, utilites, B2B, e-commerce and not for profit organistations. Each clients is different. A good example of the local market, where a small plumber will enjoy a greater return on investment from appearing in the Google My Business snack pack maps, than ranking for broad national terms. An e-commerce online retail store will benefit more from brand name search rankings than the style of product. While these are just examples, this is why a bespoke arrangement for each market and business is essential.

For all of us it feels like the internet and the search engines have been around for ever. In reality it’s obviously only been part of our lives for a few years, but certainly it’s almost impossible to operate a business without some online presence. In the early days of SEO Adelaide, it was relatively easy with good quality content on your website and a few inbound links to be found in the search engines. Now though, it’s much tougher, and a complete digital marketing strategy is required to really achieve the results for greatest ROI. Google looks at a business and wants to know that they provide a quality service or product. If they do, this would be reflected in a quality online presence, from the website that is the forefront of the business or company, to social properties such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram, to the way the rest of the internet views or considers your business. This includes reviews, comments, and referrals from other businesses within the same markets and same location. We ensure no stone is un-turned in the process of generating quality leads and traffic to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are You The Best Expert in Search Engine Optimisation?

We’ve been helping clients improve their website optimsation for over 8 years. In internet terms that is an eternity. This has allowed us to experience all the ups and downs, including all the major updates along the way, and we’re still here stronger than ever.

How Does Your Consulting Services Compare to Other Companies?

We have results over a long period of time and we’re happy to disclose these to prospective clients. We also differ from other companies in that all our work is done in house, by our expert team. We don’t outsource our work, so you know that a local will be planning and executing your campaign.

How Much Do Your Services Cost?

Website optimisation is not a one off cost. It’s a long term strategy that requires commitment from both you the client, and us as the service provider. Ranking your website in Google for the search terms you want and the pages you want takes time. It’s no coincidence that every provider will tell you the same thing. If you are after instant results you may rather try our adwords or social media packages. However the difference is that if you stop paying for advertising with Facebook or Google, the results will also stop. A long term search engine strategy can ensure your business receives a  sustainable return over a long period of time.

How Do Our Services Work?

As the internet has evolved over the last few years, so have our strategies and the way we approach ranking websites. The way Google and the other search engines apply their algorithms continue to change, so that means for you as a business to stay ahead of the curve, you really need to employ experts in SEO campaign management and implementation.

Doing The Research

For us to engage in any campaign, we first need to research your market and your competitors. This ensures we gain a thorough understanding of the current market, how it’s reacting, and what is working in your market right now. We collect and collate this information which allows us to lay the foundation and determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The Work

Once we have gathered the information, we are then in a position to optimise your site, and edit the site architecture and structure setup up to global best standards. Using the keyword data we have gathered, out inbound link strategies and trust building concepts help improve rankings in the search engines.

Continuous Optimisation

As mentioned earlier, you can’t optimise a website once, and expect it to continue to improve and maintain rankings. We encourage you to add fresh content on a regular basis. We are always in competition with other experts, so this means if we stop or fall behind, rankings are at risk of degrading over time.

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We signed up with Home Giraffe a little over two months ago, all I can say is i’m glad that we did, we have had a large influx of phone calls coming into to us that we would have never gotten before. We are blown away with the service they have provided for us from there experience to their friendly team. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get more visibility for their business.

Tony Chen


I have known Michael and the home Giraffe teams professionally for many years now. They are hard working, detail focussed operators with a real passion for what they do. They have helped many people expand their reach online via SEO and Digital Marketing . I would highly recommend.


Owner, Affordable Chimney Sweeps

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