Tips to writing the best B2B emails for effective lead generation

According to a survey by campaign monitor, as of 2016, Email marketing was the most dominant content marketing tool with a high ROI which stood at $44 for every $1 spent. This figure was an increase from 2015 which stood at $38 for every $1. This goes to show just how valuable email marketing is to businesses. As a result, such organizations have developed an urgency to create the best B2B emails if they are to remain as competitive as others in the industry. They, therefore, have to craft B2B emails which generate leads and ultimately clients. So, how can you write a B2B email that actually generates leads for your business?

1. Customize the Subject Line

subject line

The email subject line has been customized to appeal to the reader and is directed to a specific group of readers

A bogus email subject line will do result in the following – the email will less likely be opened and therefore render your email together with its contents and the message irrelevant! The headline that you give your content on any marketing platform is of utmost importance. It stands between your content reaching your audience. So how does one create compelling subject lines? By keeping them;

  • Short
  • Personalized – Incentivize your readers to open the email
  • Precise – Tell the reader exactly what to expect should they open the email

A subject line is meant to arouse, take for example persuasive essay topics. Such essays have a title that creates curiosity and drives readers to read the pieces. They can be an excellent practice resource if you haven’t perfected the art of creating content that appeals to readers.

2. Speak Directly To Your Target Audience

Address your reader by name and personalize the content to their preference

How do you make your reader feel like part of your brand and have a sense of belonging? Simple. Include a touch of your perspective. It will require an understanding of your audience, including their preferences and needs. With this in mind, you can create content that is customized to your reader. The best lead generating emails are written with a target audience in mind. B2B marketers need to have a command of language and know how to create content that speaks directly to readers. There are a number of platforms offering essay writing services that could be a great resource when it comes to developing such skills.

3. Simplicity and Brevity


The message is brief and direct to the point

Smartphones have changed email marketing. Majority of emails are currently accessed through phones. They, therefore, must have sufficient white space and simple templates that will function well on phones. The trick to impressing potential clients isn’t about drafting a busy email with content all over the place. Your readers are busy people, therefore, keep it brief and straightforward. Keeping it simple has the upper hand too, it creates ease of access. Leads and prospects receive many emails on average. You, therefore, must stand out from the rest by keeping the content precise and brief. A good email ideally has a length of between 250 and 300 words, and in some cases even less.

4. Include a Call to Action

A call-to-action (CTA) is an avenue that marketers use to pitch their ideas to readers and convince them to take action. For you to create an effective CTA, you must do the following;

  • Make your intentions pronounced
  • Make your readers aware of the precise actions expected of them
  • Moreover, don’t intentionally add misleading information

By including an irresistible promise, you are likely to make readers want to participate in the experience you offer. It’s all about creating a clear and realistic action. Position your CTA at the conclusion of the email to create a lasting desired impression.

An example of a Call to Action – creating a sense of urgency and including an incentive!  

5. Include an Incentive

Getting the desired action from your readers can, in some cases, go beyond how well you’ve crafted your content. The content may inspire the reader but not motivate them enough to take action. At this point, an incentive is necessary. A stimulus will drive the email recipient to follow your stated instructions in a bid to receive it. You can create a sense of urgency by giving a timeline when the validity of the incentive expires. Most businesses have adopted this strategy in a bid to create more engagements.


How effective are your emails?

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89% of businesses have adopted the use of content marketing with 64% having a dedicated email marketing platform. The primary mode of communication for the majority of businesses today is email and quite a number have embraced B2B email marketing. Writing the best and efficient emails is a process. With these tips, organizations can create the best B2B emails for effective lead generation. The best emails have focused on the quality of the content, giving it a catchy title that draws readers. Your readers are busy people have no time to waste trying to understand what message you are trying to pass across. Maximize on the slightest opportunity they pay attention by giving precise information to generate leads.