There’s no denying the power of online marketing. With smartphones glued to most people’s hands on a daily basis, it’s now more important than ever to make sure that your brand has an effective online presence.

Despite the power of the internet, many businesses shy away from some of the most valuable digital marketing practices because they don’t understand them or simply don’t think they are relevant to their brand. So let’s run through some of the major positives of digital marketing and look at how they can be utilised to transform your business.

A wider reach

As we’ve already established, most people these days, whatever their age, are glued to their smartphones. According to the latest studies, there are 4.021 billion internet users worldwide and this grew 7% from last year. Of those users, 3.196 billion of them use social media which is up 13% from last year.

Social media apps are clearly an undeniable part of daily life and your customers are spending an enormous amount of time browsing through them. General internet and social media use in particular also looks like it will only increase over the coming years. By utilising social media as part of your digital marketing campaign you are therefore reaching a huge and growing audience which is vital for the success of your business.

Advertising on social media is also generally cheaper than traditional forms of advertising like TV and radio ads and is, therefore, a more cost-effective way to reach a wider audience.

A tailored approach

As well as being able to reach an enormous audience, you can also tailor your content to specific groups or target markets. Social media, in particular, allows you to filter the users you’d like your content to reach.

So if you’re posting an article about your business on your Facebook page, for example, you can select the age, location and sex (and more) of the people you’d like it to be presented to.

This means that when you’re investing money in boosting your content on social media, you know it’s getting directly in front of your desired audience in a way that traditional advertising on TV, radio or in magazines does not.

Staying with your customers

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics allow us to track potential customers through the sales cycle.

By processing huge amounts of data, AI can allow us to dig deep into customer behaviours by simply analysing their browsing habits. You can use this in a variety of innovative ways to improve sales and boost your brand.

One way you can utilise AI and data analytics is to find out who has clicked on your website and follow it up with ads on their social media or the next website they visit. For example, should a potential customer browse ASC’s floor cleaning machine one day but decide not to purchase, they can be targeted later with an ad displaying the superior qualities of the product.

A week after that, another advert can be used drawing their attention to a special deal coming up on floor cleaning machines or displaying similar items they might be interested in.

Thanks to the convenience of the internet, customers are now far more savvy when it comes to shopping around and browsing various products before making a final purchase.

In essence, digital marketing can give you a second (and third) chance to directly target and reach potential customers (and finally convert the sale) that a store or generic billboard or magazine advertisement cannot.

Keeping it local

Online marketing can also allow you to target and attract local customers. Google Maps Optimisation and Geo-Location

Targeting allow businesses to draw in nearby customers so you can build up a loyal customer base and target visitors to the area simultaneously.

Convenience is key in our modern society and customers are likely to google search nearby businesses when they need something.

So whether you’re a local cafe or a mechanic, your business could benefit from local and visiting customers finding your services online.

As well as optimising Google Maps, you can also register your business under Google Places for Business.

This is a free service. So by registering your business here, you are not only attracting customers who specifically need your services, but you are also improving your Google search rankings free of charge!

Google Maps Optimisation and Geo-Location Targeting can also be used to target nearby users with advertisements. You don’t have to wait for them to google “nearby coffee shop”.

By using AI, you can send advertisements to local browsers alerting them to your services.

It works for all companies

Whether you’re a boutique local florist, a small arts and crafts shop, an online translation service or an international chain of burger joints, digital marketing is your best friend.

All kinds of companies can flourish online with the proper marketing strategies. And although it can sometimes seem complicated and is constantly evolving with technological advancements, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Doing your digital marketing all by yourself is one option but to give your company the best possible chance of succeeding, utilise a team of digital marketing experts.

You can hire someone in-house or outsource your work to a company of specialists. Either way, investing money in a robust and creative digital marketing strategy will boost your profits, elevate your brand and help you reach the right customers for your business.