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Do you own a shopify store? Do you want to get more customers looking at your store? and in turn, convert them into customers? Home Giraffe can help you every step of the way. We specalise in ranking shopify stores on the front page of Google, and have had some outstanding results from current clients. No matter where you are in Australia, we can help drive customers to you, through a tailored marketing and strategy package that is unique to you and your e-commerce store. Stop spending thousands of dollars on online text and banner ads that have little or no effect, let us get yuor presence infront of the people who really matter, the people who are activley searching for you and your product.

Shopify SEO

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Shopify is the new wave of online shopping. Thanks to this powerful platform, anyone can now create an online store to sell the things they love, to willing customers. Not only is it a hugely growing platform here in Australia, but it has no sign of slowing down, in fact, the amount of people who are jumping to this platform to sell their products has doubled in the last 2 years, which is why now is the perfect time to have it positioned on the front page of Google. There has been tremendous growth in this platform and the amount of people buying from them, which is why you need to position yourself now at the start of the boom.

The Process

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When you first meet with us about helping rank your online store, we will first try and get an understanding of you and your business, and where it is you want to take it next. This will help us tailor a strategy for you to ensure you are showing up where you want to be shown, and are getting the customers who are looking for you and your products. Every online store sells different products and is trying to reach different audiences, so we will always approach it with a different and unique strategy to ensue you get the results that you want. If you would like to know more, contact us today for a free consultation.

Time Frame

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The process of ranking Shopify Stores on page 1 of Google is a relatively new one, but one that we have mastered. A lot of people always ask how long this method will take, and the results will always vary. Depending on where exactly it is you want to be found, and how much other competition is out there. We have seen some rather quick results with current clients, but we would have to asses your online space first to make an accurate assumption. When this has been completed we will be able to give you  a more accurate time frame and may even be able to predict the flow of growth that your online marketplace will see in the coming months.

Why Choose Us?

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Shopify is fast becoming the leading eCommerce platform for a wide variety of online retail stores and business. Due to its structured design and layout, its popularity, and its ease of use, it is becoming the go to place to set up your online store. The next hurdle after that is to get it in front of the customers that are eagerly searching for you, and that’s where we come in. We have worked with a large group of different business owners who have shopify Australia stores that range from clothes, through to sports equipment. We have had tremendous results in not only ranking them, but seeing tremendous growth in the amount of traffic been driven to their store.

We have developed and honed our skills and techniques in this field over the last few years and have become one of the leaders in accelerating the growth and profits of these types of online marketplaces. If you have your own store already setup and want to increase the amount of visitors coming to it, we can help you get there through expert planning and precision which will be specifically unique to you and your brand. We will provide you with a free audit on your site and tell you the process in which we will use to take your online store front to the next level.

Do You Want Results Like This?

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“I was a little nervous to use another SEO company after the issues i’d had with them in the past. From the moment I walked into the Home Giraffe office I could tell these were the guys I wanted to use. Fun and professional local Adelaide guys and girls working out of an office in South Plympton (they even have a table tennis table). Loving what they do and so far doing it really well. Thanks for the help guys” Vesna

CEO, Australian Medical Travel

“I’ve been using these guys exclusively for my online marketing, I don’t even have my own website and i’m completely flat out. business is booming! All of my jobs come from advertising with Home Giraffe Digital Marketing and i’m now booked out for the next 3 weeks! Thanks guys! Great product and SO well priced! My ROI is insane!” Sam

Owner, Affordable Chimney Sweeps