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At Homegiraffe Digital, we work with clients from all over Australia, helping them improve their online exposure in a large number of markets and industries. Search engine optimisation is critical to ensure long term viability and sustainability of your business. It’s imperative that local businesses understand that reviews, organic positioning and pricing can go a long way generating more phone calls, leads and business. Our team of experts can provide the ulitmate digital strategy to get more customers to your business. Get in touch today. Our proven strategies are helping explode buisiness and sales all over the country.


“75% of searches on the first page will be clicked!”

What is Search Engine Optimisation Melbourne?

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The process of improving your search engine rankings in Google and the other major search engines is called SEO (search engine optimisation). Essentially it is the process and strategy that we use to ensure your Melbourne business or website is positioning in the search engines such that you gain maximum exposure, and improve the chance that potential customers and visitors, notice you listing, and click through to your site.  The involves not only your website, but your other online assets.

What Is The Process?

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Every market is different, so we always want to get to know your business first. Different marketing react in different way in the SERPs, so we need to gather as much information as we can. What are your business goals, expectations, and future plans. Once we have a grasp of where you are headed, we can go away and do in depth research to find out what is working in your market right now. This will include in depth competitor research. For obvious reasons, it makes sense to find out what is working for you your competitors.

What Is The Time Frame

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If you already engaged in Melbourne SEO, you may have a clear understanding of what your expectations should be. If you’re new, you need to be aware the improving your search engine rankings is a long term strategy. Social media marketing or PPC is immediate and short term. ie if you stop paying, so do your results. A long term organic or content marketing strategy can bring you results over a long period of time and provide ROI for your business for years to come. It’s and asset like anything else in your business.
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Trust A Melbourne SEO Expert

You may have completed a bit of research yourself and may have decided you don’t need to worry about Melbourne SEO to succeed. Well, the data doesn’t lie, and instead of just telling you why you need it, below is data provided directly from Google on the increase on business search terms over the last few years such as plumbers, electricians and bottle shops.

Your SEO Company in Melbourne

If you’ve tried your hand at digital marketing yourself, you’ll understand that there is so much to learn, and so many different strategies you can utilise.   We take the pain away from the nitty gritty of digital marketing and organic search engine rankings. By using up to date and marketing leading strategies, we are able to audit, plan and implements campaigns that put your website and business in front of the people who need it most, and more importantly, will do business with you.

We’ve been working with clients all over Australia and around the world for manty years, and have devloped our techniques and strategies within the trenches.  All our SEO experts have their own properties and rank websites for themselves. This is important as  they understand the importance of sustainability. You’d be surpriised how many digital marketing businesses don’t actually do the work themselves, rather they outsource to people like us!

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Our Reviews

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You may have chekced out where we are, and noticed we are not based in Melbourne. We understand that sometimes this is a pre-requesite for many businesses. You want to meet face to face. If you are serious about working with us, we can simply get on a plane. Further to that, and much easier for all involved, is to jump on skype and meet face to face.

Not only do we have a sway of clients with first page rankings in many competitive markets, we have out own assets that have accumulated over 3000 page 1 rankings. If you want to see proof, just ask!

We work cloesly with the world cutting each experts. Believe it not, we have even been know to them a few things also.

We are not simply a link building company. One thing that will never change is that the foundation of website performance is the website itself. No amount of offsite work, ie. link building, will improve the performance if you don’t ensure your site is setup correctly. If nothing else, any business that doesn’t want to improve your site first, if probably one to avoid.

Search Engine Optimisation Agency – Our Clients

We work with clients ranging from 1 man operations, all the way up to corporate clients with a large portfolio. Markets we do, and have worked in include insurance, trades (plumbing, electrical, roofins, maintenance), e-commerce, fashion, accounting, marketing, events, hire, food and beverage, magazines, medical, dentistry , law, and many other market sectors.

We have clients all over Australia. Having an intuitive understanding of how local search results can be fluid and dynamic, allows us to be flexible in our work. For example, a plumber in Melbourne, may require a different approach that a business in NSW. This is where out in depth local competitor research comes into it’s own. Each markets and location has different barriers to entry, depending on a number of factors including competition, age of the market, age of competiotrs, and searcher habits.

How Do Our Services Work?

As  technology has evolved over the last few years, so has the internet and how it works. Even from 2 year ago, the way we implement our optimsation techniques has drastically changed to how we do it today. Google and the other search engines are constantly changing the way they view websites, in an attemp to provide the best user experience for people using their search engines.


The first thing we need to do research and audit both your site and also your market. Collecting this information lays the foundation where we can analyse the sites strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. By reverse engineering your competitors, we get a greater understanding of the what is working in your market right now. Not all markets are the same, and we need to identify common threads within a market.

The Work

After we’ve gathered the information, we can go ahead and start optimising the site and adjust the site architecture to ensure it’s within market standards. We can then also, using the keyword information we gathered earlier, and acquire inbound links that will help these keywords improve in the rankings,

Ongoing Optimisation

The process is not set and forget. Not only do the search engine continually change their criteria, but they also want to see website adding fresh content on a regular basis. Not only this, your main competitors will also be impleneting their own strategies, so we are constanly in a battle to maintain performance of the website in the search engines. In highly competitive markets there is a requirment to be at the cutting edge all thr time. If left untouched, a websites position will degrade over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are You The Best Expert in Search Engine Optimisation?

We’ve been helping clients improve their website optimsation for over 8 years. In internet terms that is an eternity. This has allowed us to experience all the ups and downs, including all the major updates along the way, and we’re still here stronger than ever.

How Does Your Consulting Services Compare to Other Companies?

We have results over a long period of time and we’re happy to disclose these to prospective clients. We also differ from other companies in that all our work is done in house, by our expert team. We don’t outsource our work, so you know that a local will be planning and executing your campaign.

Our Prices

Website optimisation is not a one off cost. It’s a long term strategy that requires commitment from both you the client, and us as the service provider. Ranking your website in Google for the search terms you want and the pages you want takes time. It’s no coincidence that every provider will tell you the same thing. If you are after instant results you may rather try our Google adwords or social media advertising packages.

However the difference is that if you stop paying for advertising with Facebook or Google, the results will also stop. A long term search engine strategy can ensure your business receives a  sustainable return over a long period of time.

Where To Find Us

“I was a little nervous to use another SEO company after the issues i’d had with them in the past. From the moment I walked into the Home Giraffe office I could tell these were the guys I wanted to use. Fun and professional local Adelaide guys and girls working out of an office in South Plympton (they even have a table tennis table). Loving what they do and so far doing it really well. Thanks for the help guys”

CEO, Australian Medical Travel

“I’ve been using these guys exclusively for my online marketing, I don’t even have my own website and i’m completely flat out. business is booming! All of my jobs come from advertising with Home Giraffe Digital Marketing and i’m now booked out for the next 3 weeks! Thanks guys! Great product and SO well priced! My ROI is insane!”

Owner, Affordable Chimney Sweeps

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