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We work with Australian business increase their website traffic, leads and conversions using up to date and proven strategies leveraging the power of the major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We have a small but dedicated team of experts who can provide a bespoke service for your online network.


What is Search Engine OptimisationEssentially, the process of search engine optimisation is the implementation of strategies to generate more visitors to your website. Using strategies that with the guidelines of the search engines, the process will improve your keyword and key phrase rankings for your targeted keywords. By increasing your website rankings more real targeted traffic (actual people looking for your service) will visit your site or network, and increase the chances of a transaction such as a phone call, email or purchase.

The Process

What do you do to rank for Search Engine Optimisation

Each campaign is unique, and because of that their is no “one size fits all” approach. All our campaigns are treated as bespoke, as each website, market and industry is different. Initially we will perform a complete on site and off site audit for all your web assets including your website, social media profiles and other assets, and then construct a plan and strategy that will work for your business. This may include on site edits and working with off site metrics to ensure the entire web understands what you website or business is about.

Time Frame

How Long does Search Engine Optimisation take?

Every campaign is different and time it take to get results is different for every project. This is dependent on the competition of the market and your budget. Normally their is a period of on site restructuring or optmisation that may take between 2 and 6 weeks. At the same time we being the off site tasks. A guideline is we normally recommend a minimum period of 6 months to gain traction with a campaign. However normally we see traction and results in the first couple of months.

Why Get a Marketing Healthcheck?

There’s lots of reasons obviously but let us point them out to you anyway, maybe you’ll spot one you havn’t thought of:

  • Are you getting the best results for your money?
  • Do you have enough work to keep you busy?
  • Are you aware of what your competitors are doing?
  • Do you know what options there are for marketing online?


Customer Satisfaction


Why Choose Us

SEO is not easy, and requires a vast knowledge of how the internet works on a micro level and also how certain strategies will react in certain markets. We have the experience and confidence to construct projects that will improve the performance of your web assets and consequently your business.

Algorithms in the search engines such as Google change frequently and rapidly, and can have immediate impact on your sites performance, both positive and negative. Google for example makes minor changes to it’s algorithm hundreds of times a month, and major updates a few times a year. Rarely do webmasters get prior notice of any changes, as Google normally releases updates information after the fact, and even then they will not disclose what changes have been made, except to say there has been an update. Therefore as the top SEO business we are, we need to react quickly when changes occur, and adjust where necessary.

We provide monthly reports on campaign results including rank tracking data and with any changes. We’re also fanatical about customer service. This means when you send and email or pick up the phone, you will talk to the person who’s actually been doing the work, rather then an account manager or out-sourcer, which happens at some of the larger agencies.

We also conduct regular audits on the entire campaign and process, ensuring we don’t miss any issues. This also allows us to continually improves our processes and systems, and build on our strategies and knowledge. The learning curve is continuous, and constantly are talking with colleagues around the world to ensure we are at the forefront of our craft. We can ensure you Mackay business is there too.

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Client Feedback

I specialise in Elm Leaf Beetle treatment. Market-Share have boosted my company into the 21st century by providing awareness of my business to people who are looking for help. I track all of my marketing and the majority of my work comes from you guys so thanks!


Owner, Elm Leaf Beetle Treatment

I’ve been using these guys exclusively for my online marketing, I don’t even have my own website and i’m completely flat out. business is booming! All of my jobs come from advertising with Market-Share and i’m now booked out for the next 3 weeks! Thanks guys! Great product and SO well priced! My ROI is insane!

Owner, Affordable Chimney Sweeps