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In the digital age, if you don’t have a strong presence online and a sustainable position in the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, you really will struggle to bring new customers to your business. We provide a proven and high quality service to businesses and individuals who want to improve their website and web asset performance in Queensland.


What is Search Engine OptimisationIf you want improve your performance in Google, you need to have strong keyword rankings to improve exposure, bring in more traffic and consequently conversions for you business. Strategies implemented to improve keyword and key phrase rankings, and increased traffic is known as search engine optimisation. There are 100’s of strategy that can be implemented in a campaign, including on-site structural changes, social media and entity integration, off site integration and inbound content marketing.

The Process

What do you do to rank for Search Engine Optimisation

The process of SEO is constantly changing, and to achieve results you need to be up to date with what is working, and what it not at any period in time. On initial consultation, we will site down with you, either face to face or over Skype, and discuss you business situation, expectations and goals. We will the go away and developed a strategy and campaign that will work best with your particular business. This will include a complete audit of all your existing web assets. Once the strategy is developed we will begin to implement the process over a period of weeks and months.

Time Frame

How Long does Search Engine Optimisation take?

The major search engines are constantly updating. It’s common knowledge in our industry that Google for example updates its algorithm hundreds of times per month. A few times a year, there are major updates that can have both negative and positive affects. The time it takes to achieve results in any given campaign will certainly depend on the market, competition, and  the history of the web assets we are working on. As a guide, we normally recommend a campaign runs for at least 6 months, to gain traction. Normally results will be achieved much faster.

Why Get a Marketing Healthcheck?

There’s lots of reasons obviously but let us point them out to you anyway, maybe you’ll spot one you havn’t thought of:

  • Are you getting the best results for your money?
  • Do you have enough work to keep you busy?
  • Are you aware of what your competitors are doing?
  • Do you know what options there are for marketing online?


Customer Satisfaction


Why Choose Us

We are asked all the time why a business should use our services. It’s pretty simple really….we get results. Not only that, we regularly communicate with our clients over the phone and with reporting, so you always know where your campaign is tracking. When you engage us, we are the team they are actually doing the work. Many agencies claim to do the work in house, but in reality, much of the work is outsourced off shore. There is no way that they can guarantee the quality of the work. We can.

Our team is divers and experienced, with our experts being involved in the industry since the internet was created. A broad range of skill include SEO, digital marketing, website design and development, social media management, pay per click advertising (adwords management) affiliate marketing, e-commerce, conversion optimisation and market analysis.

We’ve worked in many different market throughout Australia and internationally. Out do have clients engaged in many areas of the country, including digital marketing in Townsville.

When you chose us you can be confident that we can work in a broad range of markets such as insurance, e-commerce, retails, trades, fashion, medical, local, and institutional sectors. The metrics of online search change constantly and you want to be sure that as a business, the team behind your digital marketing is at the forefront of industry standards.

Call us today to find out how we can help improve your business performance.


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Client Feedback

I specialise in Elm Leaf Beetle treatment. Market-Share have boosted my company into the 21st century by providing awareness of my business to people who are looking for help. I track all of my marketing and the majority of my work comes from you guys so thanks!


Owner, Elm Leaf Beetle Treatment

I’ve been using these guys exclusively for my online marketing, I don’t even have my own website and i’m completely flat out. business is booming! All of my jobs come from advertising with Market-Share and i’m now booked out for the next 3 weeks! Thanks guys! Great product and SO well priced! My ROI is insane!

Owner, Affordable Chimney Sweeps