SEO in Bunbury – Growing Your Business Organically

Improving your business with organic growth is a great strategy for sustainability. Leveraging the power the internet and the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, you can grow your business exposure in an organic ways, and create more customers and new leads for your business. These days it’s imperative you have a presence online, and we’re here to help you do that successfully.


What is Search Engine OptimisationThe process of being found on Google is now one of the most important factors for any business to remain successful. Nowadays to remain competitive, businesses need to have grasp of the benefits of online exposure and how it can explode their business. We offer a bespoke an results driven seo service for small, medium and large businesses in Bunbury. The process of search engine optimisation help you improve your search engine ranking and lead generation.

The Process

What do you do to rank for Search Engine Optimisation

The work involved to improve you website and web asset traffic is extensive. Firstly we complete a comprehensive audit and in depth consultation to get an understanding of your business and the results we can strive for. We also conduct market research to gain an and understanding of what it working in your market. Every market and industry is different and the strategy and approach we implement will depend on those dynamics. We then begin the process of working with your website and assets to ensure they are structured correctly, before we move onto letting the rest of internet know about your awesome products and services.

Time Frame

How Long does Search Engine Optimisation take?

Depending on the type of business you are running, and the industry you are in, we will provide a guideline for how long we believe it will take to gain traction in your market. Because we do not work on a contract basis, you have the right to review or amend the agreement at the end of each month, meaning you’re not locked into any one campaign. Normally we recommend that you allow us up to 6 months to prove our worth. Generally however we’re able to show improvement after the first few weeks, and your organic traffic growth will improve. To maintain a healthy campaign however, we recommend you continue to implement the traffic generation campaign in some capacity.

Why Get a Marketing Healthcheck?

There’s lots of reasons obviously but let us point them out to you anyway, maybe you’ll spot one you havn’t thought of:

  • Are you getting the best results for your money?
  • Do you have enough work to keep you busy?
  • Are you aware of what your competitors are doing?
  • Do you know what options there are for marketing online?


Customer Satisfaction


Why Choose Us


We’ve been working with businesses all over Australia for a number of years, and have achieved exceptional results for our digital marketing and optimisation campaigns.

We work within a range of different markets and industries including the trades, insurance, finance, fashion, travel, corporate, and everything else in between. We regularly achieve fantastic results and know we can do the same for your Bunbury business.

Over the years, the concept of digital marketing has changed, and it will continue to change as Google and the other search engines continue to update their algorithms. Not many people know, but Google updates it search engine metric monthly, sometimes hundreds of times per month. Most of these however will not have much effect on your business an website rankings, but a few times a year they will complete a major update, and this can have both negative and positive impact on your business. We ensure that changes are mitigated, and if there is a major change, we are able to investigate and tap into our expertise and experience to solve any issues that may arise.

We have a small but highly dedicated team of experts who have experience in all aspects of digital marketing including content and inbound marketing, social media, pay per click, blogging, and content generation.

Give us a call today to allow us to help your business grow and thrive.


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Client Feedback

I specialise in Elm Leaf Beetle treatment. Market-Share have boosted my company into the 21st century by providing awareness of my business to people who are looking for help. I track all of my marketing and the majority of my work comes from you guys so thanks!


Owner, Elm Leaf Beetle Treatment

I’ve been using these guys exclusively for my online marketing, I don’t even have my own website and i’m completely flat out. business is booming! All of my jobs come from advertising with Market-Share and i’m now booked out for the next 3 weeks! Thanks guys! Great product and SO well priced! My ROI is insane!

Owner, Affordable Chimney Sweeps