Online Hosting Solutions for Making Your Small Business Known

Small businesses and non-profits may find it difficult to make their presence known. The first place that people inquire about a company is through its website. It is important for small businesses to have a strong website that is easy to navigate and functional. For many start up small businesses it can be quite exhausting trying to figure out exactly how to begin designing the company web page. Whether you have a small business, non-profit or are looking to start your own personal web page connecting with a web hosting business is a wise idea.

What Are Web Hosting Services?

While web hosting services typically are only known for renting out their computers and servers to store your website; most are taking a web hosting in south australialeap into offering a full range of customer service features. There are four types of web hosting services; cloud based, shared hosting, virtual private service hosting and dedicated private server hosting. Cloud hosting can be costly but it does allow for several computers to work together to quickly share necessary vital information.

A Dedicated server is exactly as it sounds, you rent that server and it is dedicated strictly to you. You do not share it and only your website(s) is stored on it. Shared hosting is when several, sometimes thousands, websites are hosted on the same server computer. This can result in a low monthly expense due to the extensive sharing but it can also result in slower web page performance.

A virtual private server host will ultimately divide one main server into several other servers. This can still result in slower web page performance but it is a more secure web hosting service option. Since it is shared with many other websites, the cost for VPS hosting is still minimal.

What Should You Know About a Web Hosting Business?

Web hosting businesses should be thoroughly researched. It is imperative to find one that has high customer satisfaction rates and a strong web presence. In addition to happy customers you should research features the web hosting business offers. Not all hosting businesses are the same and you may be seeking particular features or services that are specific to certain companies.

Do you need a domain name? Does the web hosting service you are consider feature up to date available domain names? What the fees for acquiring your desired domain name? These are all questions you will need to research prior to setting up your small business website. What type of marketing presence does the web hosting business that you are considering possess?

Strong web hosting businesses will provide increased search ranking results with Google and other major search engines. 45% of internet users have stated that they base the credibility of a business off the web presence it personifies. It is important to find a web hosting service that also offers training on web design and customer service representatives who can provide insight to any complications you may be experience throughout your website set up.

What Additional Features Does a Web Hosting Service Offer Small Businesses?

Some web hosting services take the work out of setting up a small business website. They will take your existing logos and implement them into the web design as well as utilize photos you supply of your business and color themes you wish to use. Once they launch your site it should be easy for you to maintain.

Many web hosting providers feature special monthly prices ranging from $1.99 upward to $13.95 per month. Each monthly package deal is customizable and will provide your small business with the exact amount of service and features that you need at the time of startup. Monthly service should be flexible and the web hosting provider should be willing to easily accommodate the demands of your growing business.

What Safety Features Do Some Web Hosting Services Offer?

Another feature small businesses will want to inquire about is back up procedures. When searching for the right web hosting service it is important to know if you will have a backup feature included in your monthly service. No one can predict natural disasters, power outages or other things that could randomly occur within and office building. Being prepared for that is an important priority.

With a web hosting service that will provide routine backups any information that may get lost will be easily retrieved. You will easily be able to restore lost data with the click of a mouse and should have the option of daily, weekly or monthly backups for your entire account.

One Stop Solution for Online Business

There are many options available for small business owners when they are setting up their websites. Finding a web hosting company that can provide multiple features at reasonable pricing with outstanding customer service should be what you are looking for when searching for your host. It will ultimately save you time from searching for various service providers if your web hosting company can be a one stop solution for your online business.

You will be able to better focus on your small business if your web host can provide backup services, web safety, web design, domain names and outstanding customer service. You will have peace of mind knowing that all of your important business information is securely taken care of and that any questions or concerns you may have will be answered in a timely manner. You should rest assured your small business will be properly marketed and your customers will experience a top-notch website experience.

Author: Helen Cartwright