When Ozone Skips reached out to us, they were in a jam. Despite offering top-notch skip bin services, they were struggling to generate enough customer calls to keep their business thriving.

Their goal was simple but ambitious: triple the number of incoming calls and, in turn, drastically improve their ROI.

The good news is we accomplished just that. Here’s how.

The Audit: Identifying Weak Points

Our journey with Ozone Skips began with an all-encompassing audit that spanned:

  1. Technical Analysis: We found that the website had slow load times and wasn’t optimized for mobile users.
  2. Content Strategy: The content lacked specific industry keywords and wasn’t user-friendly.
  3. Google My Business and Ads: Their Google My Business account was not fully optimized, and their AdWords strategy was non-existent.
  4. Off-Site SEO: A scarce backlink profile was damaging their site’s credibility and SERP rankings.

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The Master Plan

To triple the number of calls, our plan was three-pronged, focusing on On-site SEO, Off-site SEO, and Google optimization strategies.

On-Site SEO Revamp

Technical Fixes: We initiated a series of changes aimed at enhancing the website’s usability and speed:

  • Image optimization
  • Browser caching
  • Making the site mobile-friendly

Content Strategy: Our keyword research unearthed a list of high-volume, relevant keywords for the skip bin industry. We then:

  • Refreshed the web pages to include these keywords naturally
  • Created blog posts covering topics relevant to skip bin users

Off-Site SEO

Backlinking: To boost the website’s domain authority and credibility, we:

  • Established partnerships with industry-related websites
  • Engaged in guest blogging to create high-quality, credible backlinks.

Google My Business & Google Ads Optimization

Google My Business: We optimized Ozone Skips’ Google My Business profile by:

  • Filling out all the details comprehensively
  • Encouraging customers to leave reviews
  • Posting regular updates and photos

Google Ads: The absence of an AdWords strategy meant that Ozone Skips was missing out on a significant source of potential customers. We:

  • Created targeted AdWords campaigns focusing on high-volume keywords
  • Continuously monitored and adjusted the campaigns for optimal performance

The Outcome

After implementing these strategies, we not only met Ozone Skips‘ objective but exceeded their expectations. Within just a couple of months, their website started ranking for over 70 new keywords. But what’s more satisfying is that we tripled their incoming calls, significantly elevating their ROI.

The turnaround for Ozone Skips was so impactful that it redefined their entire approach to digital marketing. It showed that when you combine On-site and Off-site SEO with a meticulous Google strategy, the sky’s the limit for what you can achieve.

If your business is stuck in a similar rut, or you’re just looking to maximize your digital reach, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s work together to not just meet, but exceed your business goals.