Content is the king of effective digital marketing. It opens up exciting new opportunities to spark and retain users’ attention. And there is no better form of content to do that than the one that is highly immersive and engaging. People want to be more than passive recipients of ads, promotional messages, and sales pitches. They seek brands that care about them and add value to their lives. That is why interactive content poses the next big frontier of online marketing. You cannot afford to miss the opportunities that lie there, bolster conversion rates, and drive more business.  

A wake-up call

Content marketing is constantly on the move, encompassing new tactics and methods. In terms of performance, interactive content has a clear edge. Studies have shown that it leads to 50% higher click-through rates, has 4-5 times greater page views, and generates 13% more shares than its static counterpart. There seems to be something utterly appealing about interactive content. It pours out of the screen and captures users’ imagination in a way that non-interactive posts cannot.

The beauty of it is that you can add additional value by doing SEO and promoting content over social media. Then again, not all pieces of content are created equal. Some work better when it comes to facilitating conversions. Moreover, you need to produce something that is relevant to your target audience. So, if you do not want to lag behind the competition, plan thoroughly. Get into facts and figures and smoothly implement interactive content as a staple of your strategy.

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Different strokes for different folks

There are numerous types of interactive content you can explore. For instance, many websites have gained traction using personality quizzes. They are fairly easy to create. Basically, you have to come up with a catchy title, ask the right questions, keep it short, and tailor everything to spur leads. It helps your cause to offer a small incentive for taking part in it. Graded quizzes are a sound option as well. They give visitors a chance to show off a little and prove their intelligence.

Along the similar lines, we have calculators and graders. They are another interactive paragon championed by powerhouses like HubSpot. The trick is simple: you offer people customized information they can obtain with only a few clicks. This creates instant gratification—there is no need to send emails, do the research, and make calls. To make it work, though, you need to make the interface simple and intuitive, as well as to form straightforward questions. It all comes down to precision and utility.

Furthermore, note that surveys and polls are getting increasingly popular. They are mostly built around branded products and services or designed to spread awareness regarding a certain topic/trend. The ones that attract traffic speak the language which the participants fully understand. You can rest assured that there is no shortage of people who want to get paid for online surveys. They are willing to hand over personal information in order to receive something, be it a small reward, coupon or something else.

On top of the game

Social media contests are a great tactic to put your brand in the spotlight and spur conversions. They revolve around rewarding users for performing a certain social action, be it sharing, liking, tagging a friend, uploading a photo, creating a video, etc. Note that this is also a chance to obtain a lot of user-generated content or information like email addresses. To make the most of it all, select a theme wisely and a prize that is enticing.

Finally, it would be wise to measure the impact of your efforts. In this day and age, you can employ a variety of advanced analytics and tracking tools and keep close tabs on key performance indicators. After all, building something like a calculator takes a lot of coding and thus resources. That is to say that you want to allocate your budget to something that really hits the mark. Stay flexible and adjust on the go. Bear in mind that the results do not kick in right away, but when they do, there is no mistake about it.

Making a difference

People have grown tired of hearing the standard marketing talk and being bombarded with ads. So, use a content-infused marketing strategy to invite customers to play an active role in your brand evolution. Interactive content can work miracles in terms of enhancing your conversion rates and enhancing the bottom line. Just make an effort to forge content that resonates with your target audience. Consider all the popular formats and do what makes the most sense for your business.

That way, you should be able to get the conversion spike you were looking for, boost the company image, and take your content game to the next level.