From a marketer’s standpoint, there is no such thing as an irrelevant segment of a customer’s journey in the sales process. The content you create, the social media posts, the accompanying imagery, the sleek website design – they all play into a single brand presentation to convey a consistent message: stay. In a competitive eco-system of brands constantly striving for the throne of customer loyalty, every second of loading speed and every emotional reaction you elicit matter.

You may be an expert in your field or you have an extraordinary line of products, disseminated with the help of an impeccable marketing strategy, but once your potential customers come to your website – their first encounter with your brand will determine if they will stay a few extra clicks or go for the upper right corner of the screen.

Cross-channel consistency

One of the most off-putting ways in which you can design your entire visual identity is in an inconsistent manner. Different shades of your brand colors will confuse your customer, different orientation and layout of your page on various devices all work against you from the very first moment they visit your website. Although it would be the understatement of the eon that mobile-friendly is a must for every brand online, there are still businesses that fail to grasp this basic concept.

Everything from the type of content presented, to the color scheme and the discount range offered needs to be the same in every version of your website. This earns your future customers’ trust from the get-go and lets them build an emotional connection early on.

Simplicity comes first

We live in a time when everyone is too often in a hurry, and they don’t like their time to be wasted, whether it’s looking for the sales section they saw on your Facebook page, or perusing your main menu. Sleek and simple is the way of the future and the present alike, hence the need to design a landing page that instantly gets their attention precisely where they need it to be.

With a high-quality image on your website paired with the right amount of branded content, your audience will have the ability to get the gist of your story within a single second. An intuitively created landing page also includes just the right amount of information that’s to the point, so that they know where they should go next.

Create to convert

Many websites have a lovely design altogether, but it’s far from customer-centric in terms of attracting the right type of audience. It goes without saying that the ultimate goal of your website is to sell, so the design should reflect this simple intention by increasing not mere traffic, but conversions. This is where quantity and quality should go hand in hand to help you grow your business, and how your landing page greets your customers might just tip the scales to your favor.

Using specialized platforms such as Magento ecommerce platform gives you access to pre-existing templates and customizable options alike – pair their tried and tested design with analytics on your page, and you get a match made in heaven. The bottom line is that every brand needs to find the right page look and feel that will not just boost any traffic, but increase sales and return customers.

Share your values

The design alone is far from enough to obtain and keep your audience’s interest to close the sale cycle. When you take a glance at the information on your target audience, what do they wish to know about your brand? Are they interested primarily in your price range, your eco-friendly policy, or something third which is unique to your brand? Failing to present that particular bit of data on the landing page would require them to do more digging on your website – and they will be highly unlikely to do so.

This is where your knowledge and analytics truly shine, and they should be the key factors to shape the limited space you have on your landing page. If you try to cram too many details, the most important ones will not be prominent enough to grab their attention, while too few will not give them enough to make the decision to buy your product or service. Find the right balance in your delivery of values, and you’ll get them hooked on page one.

Keep learning and adapting

Whatever you do, do not underestimate the power of your landing page’s ability to bring more customers all the way to the finish line. You may add a slew of new services and products as well as worthy announcements along the way, but the core of your brand should always remain clearly visible. That requires an open mind and a vigilant view of the changing tides in your customers’ behavioral patterns – and rest assured, they will change.

Your entire website’s design is not one one-time effort, but a process that is as long as your entire brand’s life. Simply put, your landing page deserves as much attention as your blog or the product list, which means that regular updates and changes are more than welcome, depending on your customers’ preferences.