Word of mouth is one of the best tried and tested marketing methods that drives customers to your business without making it seem pushy or salesy. The term is inbound marketing, or “the pull” strategy. There are many ways businesses can create a pulling strategy for generating new leads and converting them into customers, and today we are going to focus on the importance of influencers for a small company. Let’s take a look how influencer marketing can help your business reach new heights.

Influencer marketing ‒ what exactly is that?

Try to remember, for a moment, how you came to the decision of checking out a brand or a service, whether online or in a shop? You’ve probably guessed it; the majority of decision-making is emotion-based. When you hear or see an ad, it might interest you, or it might not, but when you hear or see a person you trust, love or admire enjoying something, you will want to experience it for yourself. That person is an influencer. They promote your brand by giving their honest opinion and sharing it through social media in forms such as video reviews, writing and pictures. Companies send their products or give their services to influential people in the industry in exchange for a positive review ‒ this, in turn, generates a massive return of investment and boosts brand recognition. So, how can you use influencer marketing to propel your business to new heights?

Find the right influencers

It’s imperative that you research the influential people in your industry. You have to choose the right people that will get your message across. In order to do that, there are several key factors you need to consider. First of all, is the influencer you’re researching speaking to your demographic and niche? If you plan on getting ahead in the global, or local, market you’ve probably realized by now that you need a unique angle of approach. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel, you just need to make your story unique enough so that consumers identify and create a relationship with your brand. Therefore, it’s very important that the influencer not only speaks to the industry as a whole, but caters more or less to the niche demographic your brand markets to. Secondly, what are your influencer’s rankings and standing with the audience? There are thousands of influencers one could choose from, but not all of them were created equal in the eyes of the audience. Some influencers have a smaller but loyal following and some have amassed a larger, but generic following. So, you should choose wisely which influencer will produce a greater ROI.

Reach out and negotiate terms

Preferably, you will have an influencer for every aspect of your business, and not one influencer promoting your entire brand. This will enable you to reach a wider audience without coming off as salesy. You should reach out to your selected influencers and work out a deal that benefits both parties. First, inform the person of your needs and make sure they understand and agree with your terms. Email and send your terms via post to make sure the influencer gets everything in writing. There are plenty of options for printing in Sydney, so make sure your proposal stands out, as influencers get plenty of offers on a daily basis. Secondly, negotiate the terms and scope of work. Should the influencer review your product once, or should they become a regular ambassador for your brand? Different agreements require different investments, so be sure to assess if there is potential for long-term cooperation.

Track progress and improve

Success should be measured and improved. So, you should track the flow of your traffic and conversions, and also track how people are responding to the influencers promoting your brand, and make changes where needed. If the language used is deemed as unnatural and pushy by the audience, then it’s going to impede your progress, so the influencer should change the tone of voice. Conversely, if the message is not strong enough and if the influencer doesn’t portray the right emotion, then people won’t resonate with your brand and you will need to entice the influencer to deliver a stronger message. Always track progress and make constant improvements, and you will create a sustainable rate of development. Influencer marketing is taking over the business world, with companies reaching out to social media stars across the globe to give reviews, shout-outs and even advocate their products and services full-time. You too can use influencer marketing to bring new customers to your brand and establish a trusted name in the industry.