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Ever since businesses started to migrate online, digital marketing has been evolving. Nowadays, digital marketers are constantly on a lookout for innovative and effective ways to boost their efforts and stay on top of their game in the online business world. Each year, the old business trends change or new ones come into play, and digital marketers must know them all in order to produce the best results.

The market is constantly shifting, changing and evolving while adapting to the growth of technology. Alongside the market, consumers are also changing and evolving, which forces businesses to adapt as well. In the midst of all the changes stand digital agencies that must keep up with the trends and create new ways to help someone successfully market their business. Here are a few new business trends that affect digital agencies.

Data analysis and collection

In the digital age, the need for data is always on the rise. Furthermore, marketers rely on fast and accurate information in order to leverage it and produce spot-on marketing campaigns and promotions. With the emergence of cloud-based computing, digital marketers are able to collect information in real time. This allows digital agencies to analyze the data and adapt their strategy in real time as well.

Moreover, data analytics plays a vital role in digital marketing because it allows digital agencies to measure their marketing efforts and predict the outcomes of their efforts in the near future. This rising new trend will surely affect digital agencies, as they will rely more on the use of cloud-based services and cloud based advertising to improve their business operations.

Bonding with the clients

Clients are not just a source of income in today’s world. Instead, they’re an important asset to any organization. That’s why 97% of digital professionals, as well as 89% of marketers, agree that forming a solid relationship with one’s clients is essential to running a business. Since customer demand is constantly on the rise and new products come out each day, digital agencies will have to improve communications with their clients and engage in more personal relations.  

Relationships between clients and agencies will have to be based on trust, respect and mutual understanding in order to form stronger bonds. Moreover, both clients and agencies will have to show their worth to each other. For instance, digital agencies can leverage data from client’s software release management to perfect their marketing promotions. In return, clients may form a long-term partnership with that agency. Relationships have always been important in the business world, but they will be even more important in the future.

Remote work is the way to go

Technology has made remote work so much easier and even more convenient. Every organization including digital agencies can leverage this feature to cut costs on office expenses and office supplies while eliminating the drawback of lack of talents in their area. That way, agencies can focus on hiring talented people from all over the world, while reducing costs on maintaining office spaces.

Furthermore, remote employees are more productive and efficient, because they have an opportunity to work from the comfort their home. Remote work is a rising trend in the digital world and all thanks to the new technology and faster Internet speed. This trend has a potential to become a standard in the business world since every organization can benefit from it.

More collaboration between the agencies

The future points toward increased collaboration and even integration between digital agencies. One of the reasons for this new trend is because of the social media usage and an increase in social media marketing. No digital agency can stand alone with such a high demand from customers and such high expectations. That’s why agencies will start to collaborate and share their expertise in order to maximize their efforts.

For instance, digital marketing agencies may integrate with PR agencies to better coordinate social media marketing. As mentioned, neither digital agencies nor PR agencies can handle social media marketing effectively on their own. However, with combined efforts they can improve their strategies to have a better reach, deliver a stronger message and attract new customers far more easily.


New trends are constantly appearing in the online business world. For digital agencies, keeping up with current trends, as well as keeping an eye on new trends is vital for business success. The main reason for that is because trends often change the way agencies do business and being able to adapt quickly is the key to survival.