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When it comes to Adwords (now Google Ads) and Adsence, its easy to get confused on which one is right for you.


Although they both have similar names, and are both Google based, they’re both completely different in what they are used for. Both of these platforms can be used as a great advantage if you’re a business owner, have an online store and really anything that needs advertising.


With the online world becoming more and more competitive, its beneficial to have as much advantage over the competition as possible, thus getting your brand in-front of as many eye balls as possible.

Difference between adsense and adwords


Before jumping in and using either of these platforms, its important to understand the difference between the two, to fully utilize them, and in which scenario you should be using them.

Google Adwords (Now Google Ads)


In 2019, Google Ads is essentially the holy grail for your business. Although this is a PPC tool, if you’re not using it, you’re missing out on a potential landslide of new customers or new sales.


Its no secret that Google is wanting to take up more real estate on the front page with Ads, because hey, that’s how they make their money.


Google Adwords is a text based advertising platform that allows you to make text based ads, responsive ads and even call only ads that will be run and displayed at the top of the page for specific search results (see image below)



This type of advertising is fantastic if your business website or online market place isn’t that strong yet and hasn’t been picked up for to many organic keywords in the search results.


The way it works is through a pay-per-click model in which you will be charged every time someone clicks your ad.


In the setup process of creating a new Adwords campaign, you will want to ensure that the keywords that you choose for your ads to been shown under are highly targeted keywords that will results in the best conversion rate, otherwise you are going to burn through money with very little return.


You can even have your Adwords linked to your Goole My Business account to start showing ads in the local 3-pack.


There is an option to set a daily budget of how much you will spend, but depending on your industry and how much competitors are willing to pay per click, you will want a decent daily budget to make sure you don’t get clicked out before they do.


Google has just released a new version of the platform, called Adwords Express, which is a much more stripped down and easily accessible version for people who just want an easy setup with very little work. This option is far better for people just starting out in the Adwords game and even provides very simple and easy to understand statistics (see below)


This will be a far easier entry into Google advertising as all it requires you to do in put in your website URL, and it will automatically create the ads, choose keywords and setup the adword groups for you, meaning you can just sit back and watch it all happen in-front of you. The best part is that it will keep adjusting your bids, suggesting negative keywords and automatically optomising for you.


ad words express dashboard


Google Adsense 


While Adsense works with Adwords, its purpose it completely different.


While Adwords if for promoting your own business and trying to drive as much targeted traffic to it as possible, Adsence is all about putting an ad for your business or product on other people websites to utilize the traffic they are already reviving from their website.


Have you ever visited a website and seen those square or rectangle ads on the sidebar, in the content and in the header? yeah, they’re Adsense ads. (see below)


ad on website


This platform can be used either way, to promote your product or service, or to make an income from promoting other people products or services through your website.


This option is great as, if you’re promoting your own product or service, it allows your ads to be displayed on high traffic websites, increasing the odds that someone will click through to your website. The conversion rate of the ads is usually a lot lower than typical Adwords though, but the CPC (cost per click) is far cheaper, meaning you can have a bigger reach overall.


If you’re thinking about trying to make money with Adsense by displaying other people ads on your own website, its free to setup and account and you can start placing ads on it straight away.


Take into account though that to make any real significant amount of income with it, you will have to have a large volume of traffic coming into your website.

Adwords is for Businesses and Adsense is more for Publishers


Depending on what you are wanting to accomplish, whether it be drive more people and customers to your website, get more phone calls, or promote a product to sell, both of these platforms can be used.


If you really want to look at it an easy way, think of this.

  • Adwords is essentially businesses and online market places are paying Google to have their ads on Googles search engine on the front page.
  • Adsense is essentially people who own websites and blogs getting paid by Google to place ads on their website to display to visitors.


If say you are a local plumbing business or a real estate agent, or you own an online store that sells goods and services, Adwords is where you are going to want to be.


And if you’re not 100% sure on how to set up a campaign, don’t worry, there are a host of talented people out there that are willing to do it for you.


If you own a blog or website that you want to start making money of, then Adsense is the route for you. This can also be a handy way to get some quick, cheap traffic to your business website if you’re willing to put in the budget.


Overall they are both great advertising tools and can be used to generate traffic and sales to your business and blog. You don’t have to go overboard with them both straight away. Setup up a campaign, put in a few dollars a day, and see how the tools work and operate. Once you get your bearings, then you can put up the daily budget and really start seeing the results.

Our Results 


If you’re wondering what types of results you can achieve with these platforms, below is a screenshot of a client of ours that is in the laser eye surgery field. We have managed to get them an average CPC of about $1-$1.30, which is amazing considering the keyword planner said most of the keywords would cost around $4-6.


In the last 45 days they have received 841 clicks to their website and around 300 phone calls in that 45 day period. which is remarkable as one patient can be worth around $3000-$6000. 


adwords dashbaord




google adsense ads google adsense ads