When Adelaide MPC Polished Concrete reached out to us, they had one objective in mind: boost their leads substantially. While their polished concrete services were unmatched in quality, their online presence was notably lackluster.

We rolled up our sleeves and took a holistic approach, focusing on on-site SEO, off-site SEO, Google My Business optimization, Google Ads, and social media marketing.

Today, I’m thrilled to share that Adelaide MPC’s leads didn’t just increase — they ballooned.

Adelaide mpc digital marketing

Stage One: The Audit

To pinpoint the exact areas of improvement, we conducted a thorough audit that covered:

  1. Technical Factors: The website was slow to load and wasn’t optimized for mobile devices.
  2. Content: The existing content lacked focus, failing to target relevant industry keywords.
  3. Google My Business and Google Ads: Both accounts existed but were poorly optimized.
  4. Off-Site SEO: The backlink profile was subpar at best, doing more harm than good.
  5. Social Media Presence: Their social media accounts were inactive and unengaging.

On-Site SEO: Laying the Foundation

Technical Optimizations

  • We improved website speed by compressing images and enabling browser caching.
  • Made the website mobile-responsive.

Content Revamp

  • We conducted keyword research and identified a list of high-impact keywords.
  • Rewrote existing content and added new, insightful blog posts targeting these keywords.

Off-Site SEO: Building Authority

  • We initiated a backlink strategy that involved reaching out to home improvement and interior design websites for guest posts and partnership opportunities.
  • Also, focused on local SEO by submitting the website to local business directories.

Google My Business & Google Ads: The Local Focus

Google My Business

  • Updated all the information on their profile, including business hours, services offered, and contact information.
  • Implemented a review strategy to encourage satisfied customers to share their experiences.

Google Ads

  • Created targeted campaigns focusing on high-conversion keywords.
  • Set up A/B tests to monitor the performance of various ad copies and optimized them accordingly.

Social Media: Establishing an Online Identity

  • Revived Adelaide MPC’s dormant social media accounts and began posting engaging, informative content.
  • Implemented social ad campaigns to complement our Google Ads efforts.

The Result: Lead Balloon to Lead Boom

Post-implementation of these strategies, Adelaide MPC began ranking for over 90 new high-value keywords. The site’s organic traffic saw an uptick of over 70%. But most crucially, their leads ballooned. The client reported a spike in queries and substantial growth in confirmed contracts, thus achieving a remarkable ROI.

Our holistic approach to Adelaide MPC’s digital marketing not only met but significantly exceeded their objectives. This case reaffirms that a comprehensive, well-executed digital marketing strategy can indeed transform your business.

Looking to balloon your own leads? Reach out, and let’s get started on crafting your success story.