When It comes to building business success and brand recognition in the 21st century, your online presence (and all of the intricate elements it entails) plays a pivotal role. The modern-day market global, or local, regardless of the industry or niche, is oversaturated with competitive companies often indistinguishable from one another. This is where your website comes in as a unique and vibrant entity, able to set your brand apart from the crowd, tune out the noise, and speak to your target demographic, conquering their hearts and minds.

Website promotion is of the essence whether you are running a local or an international business, and if your entrepreneurial spirit led how to promote your new websiteyou to establish an eCommerce store, then website promotion should be your number one priority. Here are eight best ways to promote your new website and calculate your long-term success.

Guest posts

The saying “content is king” holds true to this day. You can boost website recognition and traffic by researching authority websites in your industry, narrowing the search down to your niche and offering to guest post on their blogs. Be sure to include a backlink leading to your own website in your author’s bio or at the end of every article where you can succinctly explain what your brand is all about.

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Exploit the power of social media

Social media is the most powerful mass media outlet in the modern world, and you want to channel its unlimited power (Palpatine reference) towards reaching your goals. You can easily direct traffic to your website by investing time in creating quality social media posts or even making financial investments in paid advertisement, running live events, Q&A’s, promotions, etc.

Email is not dead

Email marketing campaigns are one of the most powerful brand recognition and customer acquisition tactics you have at your disposal. You need to expand your contact list by asking your website visitors to enter their email addresses in order to receive discounts, promotions and valuable gifts. Along with promotional emails, newsletters play a key role in bringing quality to your customers and instilling a sense of trust and commitment towards your brand.

Use video to your advantage

Your forefathers did not spend hundred and fifty years perfecting the art of cinematography just so that you would skip on using the most powerful protagonist of stories and emotions to your advantage – so make sure you make some brand videos! Popular video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, and even social media sites, are perfect for posting your videos, calling people to action, and bringing new traffic to your website.

Got cookies?

Cookies in real life are great, but digital cookies can make or break your website recognition and thus, define the long-term success of your brand. You might have noticed how ads leading to sites you have visited in the past keep following you wherever you go, popping up on social media and various other websites.

This is all due to advanced cookie technology that records your online movement and structures ads to your liking. Your website needs this cookie technology along with a strong web hosting plan in order to further its reach towards your target demographic and accommodate the subsequent increase in traffic volume.

Make Google like you

Millions of businesses fight for the affection of the world’s favourite search engine every day. And rightfully so, as your ranking and thus your brand recognition directly depend on the way you optimize your small business website.

Search engine optimization should be at the forefront of your every online effort, imbuing your every post and campaign with elements that will help your website come on top of the search page. Make sure you research the most popular keywords in your niche and incorporate them into your posts and on other websites to direct traffic to your brand.

Don’t neglect your offline efforts

A great way you can promote your new website is by making it visible on every piece of paper, promotional or marketing material you give out, including your business cards and thank-you notes. Be sure to become an active part of your local community, organize events, workshops, lecture or charity events in order to increase your brand recognition and inspire prospective customers to visit your website as well.

Pay-per-click advertising

Finally, you can invest in pay-per-click-advertising on Google and display your ads at the top of the search page, which will increase your visibility and traffic. This form of advertising is extremely cost-effective, as you will only have to pay for the ad once someone clicks on it – hence the term.

Be sure to link a landing page that directly corresponds to the copy displayed in the ad, and pair it with top website performance in order to grab customers’ attention and provide them with stellar service.

Building a strong online presence is not an easy task, as it requires planning, a bit of investment and just a stroke of luck. Fortunately, you can maximize your chances of establishing a successful website that boasts large volumes of traffic on a daily basis by following these essential guidelines to online superstardom!