The era of digitization has brought in the onset of change in every realm, seeping into the minds of the consumers and advertisers alike. With the advent of improved technologies and gadgets that make our daily life an easy breeze nowadays, exploring newer trends in advertising and marketing a wide array of products and services is the need of the day. Gone are the days of finding innovation in traditional marketing techniques – snazzy digital marketing trends are the talk of the town in the current times.

Digital marketing – What and How

Let us first delve deep into what digital marketing is and how it can be used to influence consumer behavior patterns to suit marketing and advertising needs of the providers of digital marketing trends in 2018products and services in the age of the Internet. The development of digital marketing since the late 1990s has totally changed the face of the way advertisers use technology to influence consumers. The more the gadgets and Internet take over our lives, the scope for intelligent digital marketing grows by leaps and bounds. Following the consumer trend of online purchases, the focus of marketing too takes on the digital form and makes efficient use of all the available online platforms accessible through the everyday gadgets.

The development of digital marketing saw a sharp increase in diversity and opened up quite a few vistas since the 2010s, and the last decade has witnessed its growth to immense proportions to the point of taking over the urban way of life worldwide. You may have heard of some of the digital marketing techniques that are heavily relied upon by advertisers these days. Terms like ‘SEO’ and ‘SEM’ have almost gained the status of becoming household names, thanks to the all-pervasive Internet.

Using technology for advertising for their brands and businesses, the most useful digital marketing techniques include influence marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content automation, content marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), data-driven marketing, display advertising, email direct marketing, social media marketing, and social media optimization. Digital marketing has also extended its reach beyond the Internet recently, with newer techniques like promotional marketing through SMS, callback and mobile ringtones that play on-hold advertisements.

Digital marketing trends that are topping the charts

Advertisers and marketers these days need to stay updated on every new trend that finds its moment of glory on the Internet. The digital marketing scene is thus always undergoing tweaks and modifications following new trends that influence consumer behavior on the Web. While most of the marketing trends nowadays are short-lived and replaced quickly by new ones, some make their mark and continue to be useful for ingenious marketing minds in the advertising team. For marketers and advertisers who need to stay abreast of the current state of affairs, here are the 5 trends in digital marketing that are here to stay.

  1. Integration in marketing

In an increasingly interconnected world, relevance in the minds of the consumers is ephemeral if you do not integrate your marketing techniques that spread across all the digital platforms. Applications like Viggle and user interfacing with the technology of QR codes are some of the useful techniques to keep in mind for the advertisers. More and more digital marketers are opting for integrated marketing for their products and services, ensuring a greater brand recall in the minds of the consumers than the ones who have not yet jumped onboard. Moving the focus from what the consumers like or want to the consumers themselves will help gain some insightful perspectives on integrated techniques of advertising in the realm of digital marketing.

  1. User-specific marketing

The advancement of technology has enabled consumers to find content that is relevant to their needs and requirements as well as areas of interest. The customization of content according to the interest of the consumers, enabled by the online platforms such as Pinterest, Flip board, Pulse, and Fancy explores the vistas of user-generated content (UGC) that has received plaudits from consumers as well the advertisers. Allowing the advertisers to keep an eye on consumer interests, these applications and software platforms have come of real help for them and established the newest trend of digital marketing.

  1. Format advertising

Using the design features of the modern gadgets to your advantage, advertising by format is the trend in digital marketing that requires sharp wit and creativity in the advertisers. The unique design features such as swipe, slide, tap, tilt and shake come in multiple gadgets including the smartphones and tablets. Creating an interactive advertisement content incorporating the use of such features that engage the consumer enough to interact with your advertisement is the need of the day in digital marketing. A leading insurance company came up with the genius idea of using the tilt feature of the iPad to convey its message, and it was an instant hit among the consumers. Studies reveal that interactive advertising technique in digital marketing is thus a trend that is quickly catching on.

  1. Location trackers

Probably one of the biggest boons for digital marketers, the near-field technology (NFC) enables people to find out and track the locations using the gadgets we use. The location trackers, found in almost all applications including Google Wallet, provide accurate consumer data to the advertisers. While the ethical issues of embedded location tracking still need to be resolved, the optional location trackers have come to great use for consumers and advertisers alike.This trend is growing gradually and seems to be included in the mainstream with the advent of more technologically advanced devices with embedded tracking software. The consumer behavior surrounding the usage of location tracking in applications demand that the advertisers, as well as brands and businesses, take help from the advanced technology to make the way of life even more easier for them through their wide array of products and services.

  1. Novel advertising design

The advertising design has undergone a drastic change following this trend in digital marketing. The need for novel advertising design arose from the need for captivating content that compels the consumer to go through the entire advertisement before a video starts playing on an application on their laptops, iPads, smartphones and tablets. The five-second window before they tap on ‘Skip Ad’ on YouTube, for example, is all that the digital marketers have these days to pique the interest of the consumer. New and more engaging content for advertisements has thus developed due to this need, resulting in the emergence of the trend of novel advertisement formats in digital marketing.

Digital marketing trends keep on changing, and newer techniques are adopted every day to keep pace with the changing times of today. But the trends discussed here are the ones that are ruling the digital marketing scene right now along with their capabilities of shaping and influencing consumer behaviour to a great extent. These five trends in digital marketing are thus the most relevant in the advertising scene of the current times. 

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